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Reflective Essay Writing


Why to create a reflective essay outline?  While writing reflective essay English, outline helps to organize your ideas, to decide on the structure, and to plan the writing process.  Rough draft outline can be written in fifteen minutes:  just take a pen and write down all ideas for a reflective essay you have.  Of course, outline is created when you have already chosen your topic.  There are numerous reflective essay topics to consider.  For example, you can think about what you have learned at the lectures, recall the issues studied, point out to the areas which need more attention, etc. 

Good news is that there are no 'right' or 'wrong' directions to take while writing a reflective essay.  Bad news is that you need to be very creative to produce an outstanding paper of this type.  Your essay writing will be evaluated based on the organization, smooth flow of ideas, examples, proper referencing of the sources, thoughtfulness, creativity, and understanding of the objectives.  Do not think of yourself as a writer and avoid producing a paper squeezed in the limit of the paper objective.  Be specific, however, strive to be creative as well.  Not an easy task, is it?

Reflective Essay Tips

Successful reflective essay should have a good title, interesting opening paragraph (well-developed thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph), and discussion points.  Reflective essay has to be written in past tense.  While describing your experiences, use vivid details to exemplify.  You are encouraged to quote from books and other articles.  My advice is to find an interesting quote and put it on the title page underneath the title with right alignment.  Why to do this?  First, it gains attention; second, it shows that you have spent some time to research the topic and the quote is the result of your research.  Tutors like quotes, as you know.

Make sure you pay attention to the style of reflective essay writing:  it should be clear.  Ideas should logically flow one from other, structure has to be clear, smooth transitions between the paragraphs should be added, and conclusion has to be a logical ending of the whole essay.

Dot not confuse reflective/reflection essay with reaction writing.  Reaction papers document your feelings about previous experiences, while reflective essays is about reviewing what you know and considering practical application of gained experience.  Ask yourself:  what have I learned in the classroom, what have I learned out of classroom, have I matured emotionally/spiritually/ethically and why, has your place in society changed, have you acquired new responsibilities.  Thus, reflective custom essay is an evaluation of your life experience.

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