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Writing Transitions


You do not need to be a professional writer to write an essay. It is enough to know fundamental secrets of essay writing. On this page you will find one of the components of successful essay writing. Your tutor has definitely told you that the way you move from paragraph to paragraph plays a huge role. Good essay writing requires paragraph coherence. Smooth passages are extremely important elements of successful essays, as they demonstrate your ability to express thoughts clearly and interestingly. Finally, essays without smooth transitions (transition words, transition sentences, transition paragraphs) look like scraps of incoherent flow of thoughts.

In the process of transition from one paragraph to another, do not try to explain your story from the beginning. If you find the necessity to do this, raise the alarm. This means that your essay lacks either logic or concentration on the topic. In any case, you should reread college essay and try to change everything that distorts the attention. If the underlining concept of your essay writing is clear, the problems with the transition from paragraph to paragraph should not be present. In the case, if the problems with the transition from one thought to another appear, it means that the problem is in the very structure of the essay. The last few sentences of your essay are essential. First, they really must conclude your thought. Secondly, they should leave a vivid print in the reader's memory.

Writing Essay Transitions

Once you have written the main paragraphs, taking into account all the above recommendations, it is worth to draw attention to the length of the proposals. If they all are long and difficult, try to rewrite some of them. Read your essay several times and if you lack the air to complete the thought, proposals should be made shorter. While reading college essay, try to “catch” rhythm of proposals. If all get monotonous, break long proposals into short ones. Forget about boring and academic tone. Remember that the shortest sentence is not always a sign of limitations.

One way to determine whether the path you go is correct is to draw a small scheme. Write letters S, M, L (that means: short, medium, long sentence) above each essay sentence and look what letter dominates in each paragraph. Boring paragraph looks like this: MMM L M SSS M L. The interesting one looks like: S L MM L S. Try to follow the second scheme while writing an essay. Services

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