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Writing Critical Analysis


You should take into account that criticism is not the same as critical analysis. Criticism is not about finding out mistakes in writings or pointing out to wrong information or faulty judgments. Critical analysis has a purpose of evaluating a piece of writing (a book, an article, an essay, etc.). The purpose of writing critical analysis is to help a reader understand the criticized piece of literature better. Critical essays analysis writing should be an objective observation; however, you may also be open to write your own opinions and express your thoughts about the given passage. Thus, critical analysis writing may be both objective and subjective in nature.

Writing Critical Analysis Elements

While writing a critical analysis essay, you should strive to achieve the following tasks:

  • Define thesis and purpose of the written passage
  • Find main ideas and single out parts of the structure.
  • Build an outline and write a summary.
  • Present factual material to support your conclusions
  • Persuade or appeal to audience to accept your point.
  • Define the form of information presentation, logical flow, etc.

In the process of critical analysis essay writing, you should do the following:

  • Give background information about the piece of writing under exploration.
  • Present the title, author, and publication information.
  • Describe key ideas, structure, themes, characters, etc.
  • Evaluate the purpose of writing and explore the validity of arguments
  • Discuss the presentation of the information and style of writing
  • Prove your arguments by referring to evidence from the text
  • Make conclusions and draw recommendations

Critical Analysis Writing Tips

While writing a critical analysis essay, take the following tips into account. These rules apply to all types of critical assignments and you may easily refer to them while writing different essays and papers:

  1. Rule 1: Focus on facts and evidence from the book, rather than on your opinion.
  2. Rule 2: Be professional and neutral; do not start sentences with the phrase “I think” or “I believe”
  3. Rule 3: Evaluate strengths and weakness of the book, author’s writing style, etc.
  4. Rule 4: Give information, evaluate evidence, and make conclusions

 Custom Critical Analysis Essay Writing

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