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Writing Argumentative Essay


Argumentative essay is an academic type of writing in which you have to give information on the topic, present an argument, provide supportive materials, and respond to the opposing ideas.  Argumentative essay writing has the purpose to persuade the reader in rightness of writer's beliefs.  How to write argumentative essay?  Choose the topic, outline supporting and opposing arguments, take a stand, and write argumentative essay

While choosing an argumentative essay topic, be attentive to select the issue which can be narrowed, contains an argument, is not a fact, and can be adequately supported with outside resources.  If you have chosen a good topic, but there is not enough evidence to support it, you will not be able to produce a good paper.

Argumentative essay outline can be written in one of the following formats:

Format One

Format Two

Format Three

Topic sentence Topic sentence Topic sentence
Supporting idea one Opposing idea and refutation Opposing idea and refutation
Supporting idea two Supportive idea one Opposing idea and refutation
Opposing idea and refutation Supportive idea two Opposing idea and refutation
Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion

Writing Argumentative Essay Tips

While writing a paper you should strive to convince the reader to agree with your point of view.  To write a good argumentative essay, you should use facts to support your ideas, think about the values of your audience, prioritize the facts (the strongest facts presented at the end of paper), state logical conclusions, persuade the reader, and write with confidence!  Start custom essay writing with drafting and do not be concerned with grammar.  The first paragraph should introduce the topic and inform the reader about your position.

Writing Argumentative Essay: Ideas

It is not easy to persuade the reader that your point of view is right.  For example, if you think that abortions are ethically wrong, it would be hard to convince you that abortions are right.  Moreover, it would be twice harder for you to write argumentative essay stating that abortions are ethically right.  While explaining your arguments, be very careful with distinguishing between opinions and facts.  Good argumentative essay is based on facts, not opinions.  Historical, scientific facts, and geographical truths are facts.

Writing Argumentative Essay: Arguments

As you already know, your paper should contain counterarguments and refutations. You cannot write that the specific argument is wrong, you have to specify why this argument is wrong.  While refuting to arguments, you can compromise (partially agree but state that counterarguments are not powerful enough), completely disagree, or note that the argument is not even relevant to the topic.

Writing Argumentative Essay: Personal Opinion

While writing a paper, you can provide your own personal opinion, however, you must support it with facts and evidence from secondary or primary resources.  Personal opinion or personal experience do not contribute to making compelling and convincing arguments.  If you do not know how to start writing, you are welcome to use our argumentative essay writing service and the writer will write an original paper on any topic and of any complexity.

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