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Writing an Analytical Essay Conclusion


Analytical essay, by definition, requires critical analysis of the specific topics either from one or several perspectives. Undoubtedly, the key attention should be paid to the main text of your analytical essay; however, you should not neglect the importance of introduction and conclusion as well. The quality of introduction determines whether or not the reader is interested in further reading while the quality of conclusion creates the overall impression about your writing skills. Do not forget about the importance of essay outline!

Writing an Analytical Essay Conclusion: Tip 1

If you have been keeping your thesis throughout the whole analytical essay, you should not have any troubles announcing a specific conclusion. In simple words, analytical essay conclusion is a summary of the arguments made in the main body of your essay. However, what you say in the conclusion must match what you introduced in the first paragraph. If in the process of writing analytical essay you have changed your key idea (it happens quite often), you need to rewrite both introduction and conclusion.

Writing an Analytical Essay Conclusion: Tip 2

You should take into account that conclusion as well as introduction are written when the whole analytical essay is complete. It does not mean that you should not have a draft of conclusion or introduction beforehand. Instead of trying to narrow your key idea (thesis statement), your analytical essay conclusion should expand on the topic and include retracing of the key steps of your argumentation. By following this advice, you will remind the readers of your main idea, show how the conclusions were reached, and strengthen the overall effect of your argument.

Writing an Analytical Essay Conclusion: Tip 3

It is important to relate your conclusions to the broad context. For example, if you are writing analytical essay about abortions, you should show how the conclusion you make is relevant for the national or global community. In such a way you will demonstrate the contribution of your argument to the general discussion or show the effects or problems in the issue under analysis. For instance, you may provide the warming about the consequences of specific actions or show how the problems can be solved.

Writing an Analytical Essay Conclusion: Help

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