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Writing A Classification/Division Essay


The most frequent assignment in first-year college classes is writing a classification/division essay. It looks like a simple essay, however, it involves many important stages. First of all students should understand well what classification and division are. Although these phenomena are often mixed, they have different meanings, what can be a rough mistake while writing a classification/division essay. Here are definitions:

  • Classification is systematic placement in categories, in other words it is breaking of bigger into smaller. The method of deduction which famous detective character Sherlock Holmes uses is based on classification portion.
  • Division is the act of dividing or state of being divided. It is a base for induction.

Writing A Classification/Division Essay

Using these phenomena students should inform audience or even persuade in something. So let us not go lost in thought, but define several key stages in the writing a classification/division essay.

  1. The first stage: a topic is your first stage. Here you can show your imagery. But think well about it, as you will have to write this essay using your brains and knowledge. Do not rely only on your ability to search in the Internet for some information. Sometimes even if you have information you cannot understand it fully.
  2. The second stage: here we come to the collecting database. You need to base on some fact and statistics while writing a classification/division essay, so there should be spent enough time for this stage. Also during this process it would be great if you think about the purpose – do you want to classify or divide?
  3. The third stage: what people will read your paper? Determine the audience. It is your main friend, but enemy simultaneously, if you will not consider type of given information.
  4. The fourth stage: think accurately on your thesis sentence – it is a pivot of your writing a classification/division essay. Collecting all the needed goals and steps into thesis sentence, you get a clear picture of your future work upon the paper.
  5. The fifth stage: introduction is insidious thing. You may be lost in the thesis sentence and in the expectations from your investigation. Follow clear recommendations of your instructor.
  6. The sixth stage: think over grouping of material and practical value of your essay. Your categories should be specified clear and complete.
  7. The seventh stage: use topic sentences for the presentation to the reader of the categories. Give the information logically and in the defined order.
  8. The eighth stage: you should lead the line between the thesis sentence and body part – the last element should support the first one.
  9. The ninth stage: use details and examples, which will help reader to see the picture of your investigation in the best lights.
  10. The tenth stage: conclusion is the last step and the most important. Everything that was said cannot be repeated, so your goal is to state conclusions with the help of thesis sentence and to explain what you want to say by your essay at whole.

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