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What is a Five Paragraph Essay


Five paragraph essay is an academic type of assignments which measures your ability to express ideas in a short form.  Five paragraph essay format consists of five elements:  introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion.  This five paragraph essay template is not obligatory to follow however, most of the tutors require to follow this specific format.  The below information is provided to help high and college students in organizing five paragraph essays, deciding on the structure of a five paragraph essay outline, and help to avoid the most common mistakes. 

What is a Five Paragraph Essay: Outline

While writing introductory paragraph, try to get the reader involved into discussion.  You have to gain the interest of your reader and keep it till the end of the essay.  Five paragraph essay introduction must contain the thesis statement, inform the reader about the topic, and shortly overview the main points to be discussed.  The first and last sentence of each paragraph should be related to each other in some way.  Do not forget to include transitional sentences and ensure the logical flow!

Five paragraph essay body consists of three paragraphs.  Depending on the five paragraph essay topic, you have to provide each three reasons or three supporting ideas.  You may use of the following five paragraph essay formats:  the strongest argument presented first or the strongest argument presented last.  Each paragraph should cover one aspect of the topic and contain a topic sentence.  Moreover, paragraph topic sentences have to be related to the thesis statement presented in opening paragraph.  Five paragraph essay concluding paragraph should be similar in pattern to introductory paragraph, contain the restatement of the thesis statement, and contain the summary of the three body paragraphs.

What is a Five Paragraph Essay: Tips 

Whether you are writing a homeschool five paragraph essay, research paper five paragraph essay, or term paper five paragraph essay, you should avoid the following mistakes: unclear structure, absence of thesis statement, weak transitions, and poor conclusion. Good five paragraph essay should be written in present tense, minimal usage of point-of-view, logically divided paragraphs, absence of grammar and punctuation mistakes, chronologically or thematically structured.

You do not have to use outside sources while writing the five paragraph essay, however, sometimes you cannot develop a well-supported five paragraph essay without using secondary sources.  Of course, your tutor wants to see your thoughts in the first place, however, each personal claim you make should be supported with reliable evidence.  Reliable sources are books, journal articles, and reports. Unreliable sources are internet, encyclopaedia articles, and discussion boards.

Custom Five Paragraph Essay

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