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Utilitarianism Essay


 Utilitarianism is the belief that the moral worth of the behavior or the specific action of a person is determined by the contribution of the action to the overall utility. Utility is the feeling or the benefit that contributes to the happiness and creates the pleasure among the greatest number of people. The morality of the action is determined by the results of the particular action. The theory of utilitarianism is based on the idea that the utility should be maximized. If you are writing utilitarianism critical essay, you may explore the following topics:

Utilitarianism Essay Topics

  • What is utilitarianism?
  • Explore the theory of Mill. What is Mill’s position on the issue?
  • Mill vs. Locke
  • Discuss the position of Locke on utilitarianism
  • Utilitarianism and aggregate utility
  • Utilitarianism and consequences of actions
  • Utilitarianism and the importance of intentions
  • Utilitarianism and human rights vs. freedom
  • Utilitarianism and individual interests vs. public good
  • Marx’s position on utilitarianism
  • Wittgenstein’s position on utilitarianism

Utilitarianism Essay Current Ideas

The theory of Utilitarianism may be applied to the specific topics. For example, your teacher may ask you to debate on gun control from the perspective of the Utilitarianism. (Read the following article to learn how to choose an essay topic ). Here are some topic suggestions:

  • Gun control
  • Welfare
  • Federal Drug Administration
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Protection of Environment
  • Affirmative Action
  • Rights of Women and Minorities
  • Advertising

Utilitarianism Essay Help

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Utilitarianism Essay Sample

“To learn what results that effort on Mill's part led to, we must turn to his essay entitled Utilitarianism. Unfortunately, this essay in fact discusses only one part of utilitarianism or Benthamism as a complete system of thought or doctrine--and chooses to discuss (both defend and revise or amend) that part in which the system is weakest and least useful. Mill's Utilitarianism essay is only about the utilitarian theory of ethics proper, or ethics in the narrow sense--the proper conduct of their personal lives by individuals. It is not in this field, but in that of all collective or public action, to shape and develop the institutions of society and the state and all legislation and public policy, that utilitarian principles can be most fruitfully and usefully applied and are least inadequate. In the shaping of legislation and public policies, there is a large place for efforts to "calculate" or predict, from the findings of all appropriate social-scientific research and analysis, the probable effects of alternative policies or measures upon the happiness or welfare of the people generally, and of different groups among them; and to choose the policies most likely to be conducive to something like (in the ambiguous Benthamite phrase) "the greatest happiness of the greatest number." But in an individual's conduct of his personal life, it is generally impossible for him to achieve much in the way of foresight and comparative estimation of the important (remoter as well as more immediate) likely consequences of his different possible actions or decisions, for his own and other peoples' happiness, and "scientific" choice of the actions or courses that will have on the whole the best consequences, or deserve to rank as the ethically best or right actions by this criterion”.

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