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University Dissertation


Over the recent years dissertations have become a very important part of university education. Students try to do their best to get the highest mark, because writing a university dissertation is crucially important for obtaining any Master level.

Well, what is a university dissertation, and it what way it differs from other kinds of academic papers? You are familiar with the main principles of writing essays. Essay and university dissertation have much in common, but still there are some differences which you should keep in the forefront of your mind while working on your dissertation. An essay is a piece of writing, which consists of separate paragraphs. In this paragraph, an argument, i.e. a line of thought, unfolds to respond to central question, to thesis.

Conducting a Research for Your University Dissertation

To write an essay you must conduct a research, supporting your argument, and analyze the results of your research. These results can either support or contradict your argument. Finally, the essay drives to a conclusion, which unites your thoughts, supporting or rejecting your original thesis.

Academic essay is not just structured information, which you have found elsewhere. Usually your research is conducted to demonstrate your abilities to analyze; it is something new and expressive.  These are the main features of university dissertation. Still, there are some important differences, which you should remember.

Features of University Dissertations

  • University dissertation is an extended piece of writing, usually it consists of chapters. Before you start writing your dissertation, ensure you know the word limits, which are acceptable for your dissertation.
  • Consult your instructor to find out whether your chapters should be arranged according to a definite structure. Usually a university dissertation has the following structure – introduction, literature search, a survey or an experiment and its analysis. But maybe you will be expected to produce your own structure of headlines. So try to get the information about it before you start work.

To write a dissertation you should conduct a detailed exploration of evidence. You can use various sources of information, such as printed material and online sources. Your dissertation may also contain information, gathered by your own. You can get such information from interviews, for example. Remember, that a very important constituent part of a university dissertation is methodology, and you will have to devote a separate chapter to it.

We hope that after you have read this article you know the differences between essays and dissertations well, and it will help you in writing your dissertation.

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