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Types of Essays


Throughout your academic studying, you have to deal with different types of essays. You are expected to know the key differences between basic types of essays and become more intellectual and competent in writing them.

This article presents you with short descriptions of fundamental types of essays. Therefore, you may stop your search and get all information you need to know right here. In addition, you may also order custom essay writing services at our site and get your custom essay written by professional writers. Our writers do not plagiarize and are able to meet the requirements of the strictest instructors.

Several Main Types of Essays

  • Persuasive essays. Persuasive essays are rather similar to the argumentative essay. The main purpose of persuasive essay writing is to persuade readers to accept your point of view or to take your stand on the specific issue as the only right one. Therefore, while writing a persuasive essay, you need to take a position on the subject, provide arguments in defense of it, include reliable evidence, and conclude with logical ideas.
  • Comparison and contrast essays. While writing this type of academic essay, you need to choose two or more objects for comparison and contrast with each other. You should show similarities and differences between them and give some recommendations.
  • Description essays. Description essay task assumes that you need to describe something or something. Virtually anything around you may become a good topic for description essay writing, from a tree in your garden to a pen on your table. Therefore, do not limit your imagination, just look around for a good topic!
  • Evaluation essays. This type of essay offers evaluation, assessment or analysis of something. For example, you may evaluate the article of the author or assess the effectiveness of the current economic policy in the United States of America. Also, you may evaluate your own academic progress for the last year.
  • Narration essay. A student may take any topic for writing; however, you should pay attention to the logic of writing. In addition, you should take into account that narration you create should have a clear plot, logical sequence of events presentation, and other elements which are vital for academic essay.
  • Research essays. This type of academic assignment is the most difficult one as you need to conduct a thorough research, present your findings, check the validity of the resources, draw your own conclusions, etc. It is very important to cite all sources properly in order not to be accused in plagiarism.

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