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Topics Sentences


A useful device in structuring your essay writing is to develop your use of topic sentences consciously at the beginning of each paragraph. Topics sentences summarize or introduce the main idea of the essay paragraph, and lead into the following sentences that expand on, or provide evidence to support the topic sentence. By doing this, the use of topic sentences helps you create a structured, unifying subtopic for each paragraph. Each college essay topic sentence should logically follow the paragraph above, creating a coherent flow throughout the whole English essay writing. The final sentence in a paragraph is a concluding sentence and linking sentence at the same time that leads the reader on to the next paragraph.

Paragraph Transitions

Using topic sentences is also a useful device for checking the relevance and structure of your academic essay writing. In each paragraph, the sentences following the topic sentence should relate to the idea introduced by the topic sentence. If your sentences don't relate to the topic sentence, the paragraph may lack structure and flow. You might need to divide the paragraph into two paragraphs, or write more sentences to establish the link between sentences within a paragraph. Reading the topic sentences for each paragraph in sequence, without reading the other sentences, you can check whether you have developed a logical flow of arguments. Each paragraph should contain one main idea, summarized by each topic sentence; the sequence of topic sentences should summarize the argument of your college essay. If it doesn't, you may need to reorder your paragraphs, or add extra material to obtain a clearer flow. Be careful to maintain academic essay layout

Thesis Statement Writing

The basic idea of topic sentences is 'one paragraph, one idea', with the idea summarized in the first sentence of the paragraph. While this rule is never absolute, and it is possible to find many examples of good essay writing when there is more than one idea per paragraph, the 'one paragraph, one idea' rule is a very good starting point. It is especially important when you are writing a 5 paragraph essay It will help to make your essay writing more readable, and readability is important in conveying the complex ideas that your thesis statement contains. Similarly, it is a good idea to aim to have only one idea in each sentence. Long, complex sentences containing complex or multiple ideas can break the flow of good college essay writing, and make it harder for the reader to follow your ideas. Breaking complex sentences into two shorter, clearer sentences can help you avoid this problem, and allow you to express your points more clearly.

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