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Tips on Writing a Research Paper


If you have already started writing a research paper, you have definitely noticed the lack of time.  Research paper writing is a time-consuming process.  First, you need to generate research paper topic ideas, and then you have to find information, and finally, write a research paper.  Research paper can be written about anything, however, Controversial Research Paper Topics are better to select because you will be able to generate more research paper ideas.

Research paper writing process can be divided into following steps:  topic selection, thesis statement development, primary and secondary research, note taking, outlining, drafting, documenting the course, writing bibliography, formatting, and editing.  Depending on the project length, research paper writing might take several weeks to accomplish.  Think about the time you have, plan research paper writing activities for every day, and follow your timetable without excuses. 

Good Topics for Research Papers are narrow, interesting, and controversial.  For example, the contribution of sunrays to skin cancer development is a narrow topic.  Research paper on the Grand Canyon is interesting project.  Advantages of herbal medicine over traditional is controversial topic.  Looking through your textbook you will definitely encounter interesting articles that will help you to generate research paper topic ideas

Writing a Research Paper

The purpose of research paper writing is not to provide information on the chosen topic, but rather to present a thesis and support it with theories, opinions, and studies.  Thus, research paper is persuasive, analytical, and critical assignment.  You cannot produce a good research paper based on your personal knowledge or assumption.  You have to support your claims and ideas with valid arguments and persuade the reader that your research paper contributes valuable information to already existing research.  The research question has to be original; therefore, you will not be able to merely summarize the studies conducted by other researchers.?  You have to synthesize materials from different publications to defend your own argument.  In simple words, your research paper has to have a clear point, formulated thesis, good arguments, evaluation of resources, answers to questions, and logical conclusions.  Term paper, for example, should be informative and present information, report what others have written, explain different points, and summarize the sources. 

Writing a Research Paper: Custom Service

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