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Tips on Writing a Conclusion


Conclusion is an important part of essay writing process. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the conclusion writing in order to ensure good grade. If you fail to end your essay with a strong conclusion, even the most effective introduction and well-written body paragraphs will not save your grade.

This article presents you some interesting strategies and tips on writing a conclusion. If you want to get professional help with conclusion writing or need assistance with the writing process, do not hesitate to order (buy) custom writing services at our site.

Tips on Writing an Effective Essay Conclusion

Conclusions are not easy to write as many students feel that everything they wanted to say in their essays has already been written in the body sections. The feeling of nothing left to cover may undermine all efforts and motivations. However, the truth is that conclusion is the final part of your essay and your reader will remember it best. Your essay conclusion should have the following elements:

  • Restatement of the importance of thesis statement
  • Conclusion should complete the essay logically
  • The final impression on the reader should be strong

It is not easy to meet these criteria, especially if you do not know what to write and what to say. You should ask yourself a question “So What?” in order to determine what should be included in concluding part. In other words, you need to show why it was important to write the paper, how the topic is meaningful, and how you managed to achieve the initial goals.

Conclusion is Not a Summary

While in many cases, conclusion should include a summary of the key points, you should remember that there is significant difference between synthesis and summary. Unlike summary, synthesis is more than just mere repetition of the ideas. You should show how those ideas fit together and what they mean.

In addition, good essay conclusion should make the readers think about the topic of your paper. You need to tie your arguments to the real world, if possible. You should avoid bringing in new information into conclusion; you should move all new ideas back into body of your essay in order to eliminate any confusion.

One of the best strategies to conclude your writing is to pose questions to the reader or in general. Depending on the purpose of your essay, you need to make the readers think in a new direction while they are reading your conclusion. They should be able to rely on your conclusions to make their own judgments.

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