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Thesis Paper


If you faced the problem how to write a thesis and you do not know how to start it, on this page you'll find necessary tips for your thesis writing. During your education you've wrote a lot of research papers. Thesis writing is also a sort of a research paper but more complicated. It differs from your previous work because you have to devote not a day or a week to thesis paper writing but several months. While writing a thesis you may use your previous researches as supportive information. You may extend your previous research by adding new information which relates to your thesis. The whole education process comes to the final step - thesis writing. At this stage you have a clear understanding what a research work is and your task is sum up the gained knowledge in a single thesis paper.

Thesis Paper Ideas

Thesis examines a problem in the field of your investigation, it presents previous works in this field, what was known about the chosen problem previously, describes your recommendation on how to solve the raised problem. It explains how your results may help in further progress in the area of research. Your goal isn't to answer to an assignment question but to make an original contribution to the knowledge. You should prove yourself as a scientist and discover something that wasn't known up to now. Be sure your supervisor is an expert in the field you plan to research, so you can consult with him. While writing a thesis, think about the reader and keep in mind that your audience are not the experts in this field.

Thesis Format

The following thesis paper structure will help you to organize your writing.

  1. Title page. Every institution has the definite format, so prior to writing consult your adviser.
  2. Abstract. Write it at the final step of thesis writing, this part is most read because here you describe the problem in several words, mention the method of solving it, cover results and conclusions.
  3. Table of contents.
  4. Introduction. State a problem, explain the actuality. Do not overload introduction with information, nevertheless, it should be interesting.
  5. Literature review. Describe work which is related to your thesis: what is already known, what methods were used to solve the problem.
  6. Results and discussion. Your results and discussion in solving thesis problem.
  7. Conclusions. It should be not be very short and contain main points.
  8. References. Remember that references to the web are usually less desirable.

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