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Thesis Examples


Thesis writing is about answering to the assigned research question or solving the problem. An extended part of the thesis writing occupies argumentative writing. Thesis writing contains the presentation of research results and a position you wish to argue. The thesis is not simply a description of the research process or the events, a good thesis should have such qualities as originality, a demonstrated grasp of the understanding the thesis idea and a contribution to knowledge in a particular field. A thesis paper is expected to contain proposed position or solution, and a methodical substantiation. Avoid the common mistake of writing a chronological report of all the work you did. You should also understand that a thesis is not a collection of ideas or secondary information. The thesis paper has a definite topic and you should follow it from the start to the end of the document.

Thesis Formatting

Thesis has to follow a definite format. Of course, you shouldn't follow it rigidly, however, you also should not deviate significantly from it. The following format will help you in your thesis writing:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literary review
  3. Proposed solution
  4. Experimental results
  5. Analysis
  6. Conclusion

Writing a thesis Introduction, you should explain the purpose of thesis writing, why it is so important, what problems you are going to raise, describe solution of the problem and, finally, introduction should answer what the reader can expect in the rest of the thesis.

Literature review is just a review of works related to the problem you are attempting to solve. It should identify and evaluate past approaches to the problem, it should also identify similar solutions to yours. Remember that literature review is just a review. It is not a list of papers and a description of their contents.

Proposed solution describes your proposed solution to the problem, and demonstrates why you believe in your particular proposal being worth of exploring. At this stage the thesis writer has background information to begin a detailed problem analysis and solution proposal. Experimental results should introduce the experiments you used to resolve the outstanding issues in your solution. Describe the experimental set up in such a way that somebody could reproduce your results. Analysis should demonstrate that experimental results substantiate your solution.  By the end of this section the reader should know how your proposed solution worked out.  Conclusion restates your thesis objectives. Briefly outline your thesis, motivation, problem, and proposed solution.

Thesis writing help

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