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The Purpose of Editing


While editing an essay, you need to pay attention to:

  • Writing pattern (check whether your paper is written smoothly and is structured logically)
  • Time (do not start editing a paper right after it has been completed, leave it aside for a day)
  • Mistakes (use a blank page to slide down the lines of paper, it will prevent mistake skipping)
  • Punctuation (while editing a paper, make sure you correct all punctuation mistakes) 
  • Reading aloud (it is even better to ask your friend to read the paper aloud, you might hear the mistakes you did not catch while reading)

Editing a Research Paper

Research paper editing requires special attention being paid to topic coverage, paper structure, and overall flow of ideas. While editing a research paper analyze whether your thesis statement is clear, whether you have supported your arguments with secondary resources, whether you have structured the paper logically, and whether your introduction is truly concluding.  In simple words, paper editing is about finding errors, checking the sentence structure, and perfecting the style.

How to Edit a Paper

While editing a paper, divide in into sections and review each section separately.  If your paper is the research assignment, pay attention to the importance of each section to thesis support.  If your paper is a term paper on general topic, pay attention to the sentence structure, grammar and style errors, and topic sentences.  Grammar and punctuation mistakes are the easiest to correct, while style and structure errors may not be evident to you.

Editing Help

Editing, as the part of essay writing process, is neglected by many high school and college students.  As the result, they fail to create well-written coherent piece of writing.  If high school students might lack knowledge of grammar and poor writing skills, college students simply have no time to devote to essay editing.  Any type of assignment should be edited and proofread, there are no exceptions.  Editing and proofreading service offered at is the solution to such students.  The knowledgeable and experienced editor will make your essay stronger, free of any errors, and simply perfect.  Do not lose your chance to improve your academic performance.

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