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Term Paper Topics


This page is added not to help you with writing a term paper but to assist your with the choice of essay topic.  Such topics as abortions, capital punishment, freedom of speech, and cloning are not accepted by most of the tutors because a lot has been already published about these issues.  While writing a term paper, try to choose the subject which is new and is related to the modern society.

Topics for College Term Paper

  • Affirmative Action (racial discrimination in education and business)
  • Aids (rights of people with AIDS)
  • Censorship (censorship in public libraries, Internet, entertainment industry)
  • Compute crimes (freedom of speech, invasion of privacy, hacking crimes)
  • Drug abusers (treatment and punishment)
  • Eating disorders (females vs. males, the role of society and advertising)
  • Family violence (protecting victims, marital rape, child abuse)
  • Foreign policy (unilateralism, Americanization, globalization, third world debt, United Nations)
  • Gay rights (marriage and adoption rights)
  • Iraq (war, U.S. occupation, democratization)
  • Medical experiments (ethics of experiments on humans, aborted fetuses, animals)
  • Poverty (domestic, international, role of government, hunger)
  • Religious cults (freedom of religion vs. community safety)
  • Women (glass selling, political involvement)

Term Paper Topics: Questions

  • Should government restrict pornography?
  • Should parents censor textbooks?
  • Should reporters be required to reveal the source of information
  • Should government revise the minimum wage laws?
  • Should school permit the voluntary prayer?
  • Should homosexuals serve in the army?
  • Should government restrict sex and violence on television?
  • How the change in gender roles influenced the parents?
  • Can the toys create emotional disorders in children?
  • Should juvenile offenders be punished as adults?

Term Paper Format

The term paper format you are required to follow may have influence on the term paper topic.  For example, if you are required to write argumentative term paper, you need to choose the term paper topic which is debated in society and has two opposing views.  If your term paper is descriptive, the topic of the term paper can be very general.

Important note!  Prior to writing a term paper, show the term paper topic to your tutor and discuss how you are going to writer your term paper.  In the process of term paper writing, your topic will be narrowed and revised several times.  If you have the freedom to select any topic, try to choose the term paper which is of interest to you.

Custom Term Paper Writing

The quality of your term paper determines the final grade you get for the course.  If your term paper is poorly written, does not meet requirements, and does not cover the topic sufficiently, the term paper grade will be low.  If you want to improve your academic performance but have not enough time to write a term paper. order custom term paper writing at Refunds are guaranteed for the late term paper delivery.

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