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Term Paper Format


This is the term paper format accepted by most tutors: 

  • Title page should contain the full title of the term paper, name of the author, course name, tutor's name, date of submission
  • Abstract page containing the short overview of term paper structure
  • Introduction including the background information on the term paper topic, should be attention getting and include the thesis statement
  • Term paper body with detailed analysis of the topic, is the longest part of the paper, should include headings and subheadings. 
  • Conclusion is the overview of the whole term paper emphasizing the main points
  • References should be done in accordance to the specific style requested by the tutor

Term Paper Format: Structure

Term paper writing is a typical academic assignment and while writing a term paper you have to follow the general structure of academic writing.  If you are asked to discuss the topic in your term paper, you need to provide the detailed analysis and discussion.  If the purpose of writing is to compare two pieces, you have to explore both pieces and come up with the conclusion.  It is better to use sequential method of presenting ideas:  first write about one aspect of the topic and then proceed with the next one.

Term Paper Format: Outline

You may not be required to write essay outline, however, you should write it for your own usage.  First, outline helps you to structure your ideas better.  Second, outline contributes to the format choice.  Third, outline is the best tool for revising the paper.  In addition, good outline helps to find the relevant supportive information.  Outline should include thesis statement and list of specific ideas to be discussed.

Term Paper Format: Introduction

Term paper introduction is written last.  It sets the tone for the paper and should gain the interest of the reader.  Term paper introduction should be one paragraph in length and fit one of the following formats:  funnel (start with broad statement and move to you thesis statement), anecdote (tell about the interesting situation to gain the attention), outline (chronological overview of the paper), or quotation (use quotation relevant to the topic).

Term Paper Format: Body

The body is the major section of term paper.  It can follow the format used for introduction writing.  For example, if your introduction is written in chronological format, essay body should be written in chronological format as well.  Term paper should be a coherent piece of writing with all ideas logically sequenced and comprehensively integrated into one work.

Term Paper Format: Conclusion

Conclude your paper with restating the thesis statement, summarizing the key points, and recommending the further research.  In simple words, conclusion is the restatement of introduction.  It should round up the term essay.

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