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Technology Essay


If you do not know how to start writing an essay on technology, you are welcome to read this article.  Here you will find out how to select a topic, how to make an outline, how to format your essay, etc. While writing an essay on technology, you can choose the following topic: 'Technology in everyday life'. In this technology essay, you can develop such ideas as how people apply technologies, how people can use technologies in various spheres, how developed countries transfer different technology to developing countries with the purpose of help.  For example, you can start you essay in the following way: 'It is difficult to overestimate the role of technology in our life...'  You are encouraged to give definition of 'technology' in your essay.  If you are writing argumentative essay, make sure to present both sides of the argument.

Alternatively, you can raise the following topic in your essay 'Technological progress'.  You can start your essay with describing the history of new technological advances, focus on rapid technological progress which as we think help us and make our life easier. For your assay, you also can select any technology and describe its positive and negative influences on our life. Nevertheless, do not forget to analyze the problem of the technology you are going to research.

Technology Essay Format

If you use terminology in your essay, do not forget to give detailed explanation. Try to make your essay writing understandable for everybody.  Technology essay format has to contain logical order; strive for simplicity and understanding.  Reading such resources as books, journals, and magazines will contribute to your creative writing.

Essay introduction should start with the general problem or the topic you have chosen. Try to develop your own thought and lead the reader to one of the problems in your essay.  Your objective is find and explain, for example, the ways to solve the set problem.  Don't take a lot of problems, just choose one which is the most interesting to audience.  Introduction should contain a brief explanation of the essay topic.  You may explain certain elements are important from your perspective.  The reader should understand your idea from the first lines.  All essay paragraphs should be summarized in conclusion.  Body paragraphs should contain numerous details and examples.

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