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Technical Research Paper


If you have got an assignment to write a research paper, you have to do a great deal of work. Actually, making of research is only the half of the work. Your task is also to put all your ideas, hypotheses, suggestions and conclusions in the written form. This writing should be clear and logical. If you cope with this task, you will write a technical research paper and get high points.

Technical Research Paper: The Main Elements of Paper Writing

What should you pay your attention to in order to write a technical research paper? Let’s consider what constituent parts your paper should include and how you should write each of them.

  1. Title. It does not matter whether the title of your research paper consists of 5 or 10 words. The matter is that it should convey the issue under research fully and as clearly as possible.
  2. Abstract. Your paper abstract should be a short summary of your research. Do not describe the actions you took when making your research. You should state the matter points: the studied problem, the purposes of the investigation, the methods of the research, the obtained results of the investigation and the conclusions you have made. Remember: an abstract is written in order to give the reader the general idea about research. So, you should bear in mind 2 words – “short” and “clear”.
  3. Introduction. The introduction should introduce the issue that is researched in your paper. While writing this part of the paper you should answer the following questions:
  4. What is the problem in question?
  5. Why should you consider it worth studying?
  6. What practical application can it have?
  7. The introduction should contain a thesis statement that is a short representation of the matter point of your research.
  8. Methods. This part should be a short description of the methodology applied in your research. The attribute “short” means that you should not give any detailed explanations or some background information.
  9. Results. This section is called to present your findings. But they should be stated clearly without any detailed information.
  10. Discussion. It is this part that deals with all explanations and descriptions. So, you should discuss the results obtained in the process of your research. State whether they support your suggestions and expectations or not. You may not only analyze your present research but also suggest some future research directions.
  11. Reference list. In order to avoid the plagiarism you should state all informational sources used in your research in this part of the paper.
  12. Appendices. This section should contain tables, graphics, diagrams or pictures that will illustrate your research results.

So, these are the main elements of a technical research paper that you should keep in mind to reach success in your writing.

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