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Sports Essay


Many people get involved into sports because it has become a very profitable industry.  This sentence can become a thesis statement of your essay on sports.  Writing about sports is not easy, however, it is very interesting to conduct a research.  You will enjoy English essay writing especially if you are active in sports.  For example, you can choose one of the following sports essay topics:  history of sports in United States or Britain, rules of football, different kind of sports, Olympic Games, international competitions, etc.

Sports Essay Topics

Sports industry brings billions of dollars to athletes and sports have become more of a business rather than a pleasure.  In your sports essay you may research this question and find out how attitude towards sports has changed over the last 100 years.  Alternatively, if you are writing sports essay, you may focus on how many companies use sports as a source of income.  With the increase in television coverage and corporate sponsorship, different kinds of sports have become the perfect environment for making money.

While writing sports essay you may provide detailed analysis of the changes and development of modern sports, both national and international.  You can write in your essay about professional sport in your essay. Professional sport is glamorous and financially rewarding.  All the major sports are administered by the government body.  Those who succeed in professional sport, however, must to prepare for a short playing career.  You can write that professional sports is different from amateur sport.  Professional sport has a bad reputation nowadays, one of the main problem is exhaustion, routine physical activity patterns. You can take the problem of exhaustion and examine it.  Give some examples in your essay and provide details. Professional sport is connected to external and internal pressure. Many sportsmen have heart attack in their youth due to the health related problems. The body of the sportsman gets tremendous level of physical activity.  During their trainings, sportsmen have a lot of breaks, which also damage their health.

In your sports essay you can describe amateur sport, which aim is just to keep body fit and healthy. Some sports are considered to be safer than the others.  However, it is difficult to find a sport that is completely safe.  You may describe in your essay the most popular kinds of sports, name some famous sportsmen or sportswomen, and assess their role in modern society. In your essay don't forget to express your point of view. Finally, keep your sports essay should interesting and simple.

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