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Smoking Cessation Research Paper


Smoking Cessation Research Paper – You Help in Non-Smoking Activity

I gave up smoking in 18. It was not the reason about the safety of my health, because I know the precise examples of opposite, when the people with twelve cigarettes per-day in the mouth live till the 80-90 years. And they do not suffer from cancer or organ’s inflammation. Anyway, I stopped my smoking adventure due to quite moral reason. I met the beautiful and really pretty girl, but she could not stand the smoke and the scent of the cigarettes. Actually, she was not persistent, but she just asked me to break this habit. It was a usual reference that she could has left, if I had not stopped smoking. I have done it for the sake of her. The process of “purification” was quite difficult, but since we are together. Inspired by my own feat I wrote the classic smoking cessation research paper in the college. Probably, I should share my experience with you.

Smoking Cessation Research Paper – Introduction

First of all, as a writer, you should define the issues of any smoker that stand in front of him. Start your smoking research paper with the history of the problem: how did the people smoke in the ancient times? What was the attitude to those people? How does it differ in our time? In other words, make a solid introduction. It is useless to show the arguments about the smoking cessation, if you do not describe the origins of the subject.

Smoking Cessation Research Paper - Identify the Problem

Now you begin to display the problem. Do not forget about the medical and social statistics, prove you words with strong well-established arguments and facts. For better effect, use the most recent and fresh facts about the bad smoking result. Obviously, there is a big field of information in the internet, and this informational base is updated regularly.

Smoking Cessation Research Paper – Identify the Solution

At the final part of your research present proofs of easy and painless methods to stop smoking. Emphasize to the importance of smoking cessation. Explain that it is necessary to set the goal and reach it gradually. In some sense, make a strong and persuasive conclusion on the basis of the collected facts and data.

Actually, it is not difficult to write a correct smoking cessation research paper. It is much hardly to stop smoking in practice, so your writing work should urge the smoker to drop the pack of cigarettes in the dustbin.

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