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Nowadays students are in humble circumstances, receiving too many assignments per week. It results from this that they try to find easier way of writing essays.

To buy essays is easier than to sweat over and burn the midnight oil. Therefore, there are many sites, which sell essays. Prices are not so high and quality seems to be passable. Thus, they are so popular among students. However, everything has its other side of matter.

Why Do Some Sites Sell Essays?

  • They do not have professional writers, they sell essays and make money of students, teaches, writers, even people who are not connected with writing at all.
  • These sites write custom essays, and then they sell essays. When students receive their orders they do not know that these custom essays will be available for everybody in a little of time. Therefore, it is easy to be blamed in plagiarism.
  • Copywriters are for rewriting essay in a little bit different manner. Therefore these sites may sell essays, which are likely different, however, at closer examination they appear to have some slight differences in word order and word synonyms.

Why Do We Not Sell Essays?

  • We take care about your reputation, as plagiarism may do harm to your grade and attitude of your instructor to your future essays.
  • We do not buy written essays from students, teachers, children and other categories of people, because we have our database of English speaking writers, who hold degrees in a writing sphere. They write only custom orders.
  • We do not think that to sell essays takes less time than to write a custom essay, because editing and revising of the sold sample may take you eternity.
  • We do not make money on a blank place, copywriting essays and selling them. However, it would be better for a student to pay affordable prices, because the first variant is more safe in terms of time, quality and correctness.

Offer Of Our Services

As our company has expanded the boundaries after 8-years activity, we may offer you a greatnumber of services, which will be useful for modern and busy students. We may:

  • Write any kind of assignment. It is rather that you cannot amaze us with your topic, as each of our writers has carried out about 25 versions of each type of assignments.
  • Edit and revise you order. This option gives our opportunity to improve language of your essay, correct mistakes, add citations and use other editing services. It is a fact that this option is free of charge for our clients, which have ordered something at our site and want to correct something in a written order. The number of amendments is unlimited.
  • Give consultations on your assignment. This option is available for every client of our site. Our customer support agent is glad to help you 24.7!

We do not sell essays, we sell our brilliant ideas and professional writing services to you!

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