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Science Essay


If you want to improve your understanding of English essay writing, and learn how to write an essay on science, you are advised to pay attention to the following science essay writing tips: Before you start working on your assignment your should think about the topic.  Science consists of several specific sub-disciplines, such as biology, physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, etc., which are defined by the type and range of phenomena they investigate.  You should conduct a thorough research, analyze and organize information properly. It is very important to write an effective introduction with the outline of the main ideas of your writing.  If you are writing an essay on the topic of 'Science and nature', you are welcome to follow the below science essay writing example:

  • You can start your essay with this opening sentence: 'Since ancient times Nature was the source of Man's life. For many years people lived in harmony with nature'
  • Use information from Ecology discipline: 'Even in the 19th century when the word ecology evolved, people continued to consider Man to be lord and king of nature. Today, ecology is a new science about environment, living creatures, and interaction between them.'
  • The main aim of this science essay: 'Ecology can help people to save nature, to restore existing distractions, etc.'
  • In the body of your essay you can raise the problems of air, water and earth pollution. The problem of the Ozone layer, the extinction of different animals, etc.
  • You may also describe in your science essay some organizations which try to draw attention of the society to these problems. Give some examples of the activities of these organizations.
  • In the conclusion of science essay you may call attention to the problem of the environment pollution:  'Humans put themselves to risk, as well as animals, plants and environment are damaged'.

Science essay writing tips

Different sciences investigate different problems. You can choose any science and describe positive and negative sides of the chosen discipline while writing your English essay writing. You can raise such problem as truth, morality, beauty. Today there is a strong contradiction between the results of science and the requirements of morality.  For instance, the application of science has led to the development of nuclear weapons, while international morality demands such results to be never applied and that research leading to them should be stopped. In you essay you can hold a position radically different from the general point of view, believing that contradiction and uncertainty should be embraced. You are free to choose any position, but don't forget to give thorough explanation.

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