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Scholarship Essays


If you want to write a convincing scholarship essay, your scholarship essay should:  inform the reader about your life goals (you seek investment to develop your potential, therefore, show why people you sense in life), have the connection between your goals and opportunity for which you apply (draw a clear line between your goals and theirs), and share you life stories (include experienced from personal life, demonstrate commitment, assess your own potential to pursue goals).  You, as many other students, understand that good scholarship custom essay is the key to new opportunities.  Many applicants, however, overemphasize their own skills and provide a list of their skills and qualities rather than interesting essay.  Some may choose to write scholarship essay humorous, nevertheless, we do not advise you following their example.

Scholarship Essays: How to Write

A good book keeps the interest of the reader from the first till the last line of the story only because the reader does not know what happens next.  Of course, language and plot play important roles as well.  While writing a scholarship essay you should strive to engage the reader into your life-story.  In simple words, scholarship essay is narrative writing.  If you wonder how to write a convincing scholarship essay, pay special attention to the following details:

  • What are your life goals
  • What led you to these goals
  • Why you care about these goals today
  • What are your personal qualities
  • Why you want to pursue the chosen opportunity
  • What challenged did you face
  • What influenced your personality and why

Good scholarship essay is more than the list of statements about your personality.  It should contain explanations and details - the reader has to see why you think so and why the opportunity is important to you.  Do not write that you have integrity because you have discouraged cheating when you were the tutor.  Provide a specific example:  when I was a geography tutor, I noticed one student drawing a map on his arm right before a test, so I talked to him about!  This example will show the reader of your scholarship essay that you have integrity because this statement is supported with specific interesting example.

Scholarship essay is not written in half an hour.  The first step of scholarship essay writing is taking a pen and writing down a list of event or things that reader might get interested in, write down your hobbies, your best personal qualities, significant accomplishments, interesting life experiences, powerful moments.  Next, decide on the order of idea presentation, move paragraphs around, change the sequence, add and delete sentences.  It is of primary importance to show the reader that you have spent a lot of time and devoted many efforts to scholarship essay writing.  Therefore, make sure your scholarship essay lacks any grammar, style, and punctuation errors.  If you seek professional assistance with scholarship essay writing or need someone to edit your writing, you are welcome to ask writers for assistance.

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