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Sample Admission Essay


Choosing a topic for college admission essay is one of the most difficult tasks. Choose the one which allows you to show your individuality, the one which helps the admission officers to understand who you are. The most important part of your admission essay writing is finding interesting and relevant topic. Describe your achievements, write about the events that affected you personally, changed your character, and made you think about life.  Moreover, do not forget to tie your experience with the choice of program (college, university, or course). You need to show why you want to become a Marketing Manager, for example. Simply tell a story about your past life, your experience. You should think about strategy - while writing an application essays your strategy should demonstrate the unique experiences you've had. The experiences you are going to describe may be job related as well as cover your personal life.  While writing college admission essay describe what you did and why you think it was important.  Convince admission committee that your experience is valuable and that you are able to contribute something to college community.

MBA Admission Essay Sample

MBA admission officers want to make sure that you have something unique to add to their program. The best way to convey your individuality is through essay writing. As a rule sample admission essay should provide answer to the following question: Why did you decide to enter MBA? It means you should discuss the factors that influenced your career choice, how MBA will help you in future. Describe your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree. Admission committee wants to learn about your life, your ability and your achievements in detail. You should impress admission committee and describe why you are the best applicant. You should describe your personal experience and answer assigned question directly and to the point. Be honest.

Law School Admission Essay

One of the common questions for law school admission essay writing is 'Why do I want to become a lawyer'. Writing a good admission essay means being honest why you want to be a lawyer. Your task is to describe the details from your life and explain your ambitions. Write about experiences that qualify you as a potential law student. Admission committee wants to see your motivation and your experiences. It helps to understand whether you will be successful or not in the chosen field of study. While writing an essay, write some information which reveals your knowledge in the chosen program.  Write that you understand your plans and realize the importance of the program you plan to pursue.

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