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Research Paper Format


It is not easy to write a research paper because you have to have good research skills, arrange the paper ideas logically, and make sure your research paper follows the format requirements.  There are many research paper formats, including MLA format, APA format, and Chicago format.  Each of these research paper format has specific requirements on citing sources, paraphrasing, direct quotation, title page, and even margins.

Research Paper Format Tips

First, set the margins of your research paper:  1" at all sides.  Research paper should be double-spaced (no addition spacing between the paragraphs!), contain clear introduction, body, conclusion, and references sections.  Second, even though the title page design is not essential for the research paper format, adding a cover page is always a plus.  Reference list should be written in accordance to the citation style specific by your tutor.  Be attentive to follow all style and format requirements for research paper writing.

Format of a Formal Research Paper

While writing a formal research paper, avoid using diverse fonts of different colors.  Type your research paper using Arial or Times New Roman font 11 or 12.  Formal research papers should be longer than 7 pages in length and you are strongly recommended to use headings and subheadings to separate and organize your ideas or arguments.  Research paper body must contain literature review section, methodology, results, discussion, and analysis.

APA and MLA Research Paper Formats

  1. APA research paper format.  If your research paper has to be formatted in accordance to APA style, you must provide the title page, write an abstract, include page numbers on the top right corner, and compose the references on the separate page)
  2. MLA research paper format.  If you research paper has to be written in accordance to MLA format, you have to provide the cover page, create a detailed outline, include page numbers on the left right corner, use endnotes and footnotes, and compose the works cited page) 

Research Paper Format Tips

Despite of the chosen research paper format, you have to keep in mind that your writing has to be fully referenced and plagiarism should be totally avoided.  Plagiarism is not referencing the other's works used for writing a research paper.  Plagiarism can be intentional as well as accidental, however, your tutor will not spend time investigating the issue.  Thus, cite all of the used sources properly!

Some of the students mistakenly think that paraphrasing is not plagiarism.  If you think the same way, you are wrong!?  Of course, the major part of your custom essay is based on paraphrasing when you put the ideas of other authors in your own words.  You do not have to use quotations marks while paraphrasing, but you need to reference the source from which the idea was taken.

Custom Research Paper

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