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Research Essay Writing Style


Essay writing has basic features. Some of the main ones are written below. Examine them carefully and hold them while writing a research essay.

  1. Research paper topic should be original. Even if the topic has already been investigated many times by researchers, you should narrow it and investigate a definite side of the problem. For example, the general research essay topic is abortion, the narrow one is 'Abortion as a sacred right'.
  2. The title of an academic essay should simply summarize the main idea. The research essay title should be understandable for the reader even when it stands alone. Every word should start with capitalized first letter. Only short prepositions, short conjunctions, and articles as the, and, or a should not be capitalized. For example: 'Abortion as a Sacred Right'.
  3. The title should be placed at the top of each page. A good title should consist of several words and be up to 10-12 words in length. If your research essay title is very long - make it shorter.
  4. The page numbering should start with second page. Each page should be numbered, including the reference page. The title page of the research essay shouldn't be numbered.
  5. Even if your research essay will not be published, you should use italics instead of underlining.
  6. The research essay must have at least 5 cited sources.
  7. While writing an essay, do not use a comma when you use that to introduce the quotation.
  8. If there is no date, use the shorten form 'n.d.' both in-text citations and reference page citations. Research essay writing requires the following format for in-text citation: (Smith, n.d., p. 58).
  9. If the source used for research essay writing has two authors, you should name both of them every time the citation occurs in the text. An example in-text citation: (Smith & Brown, 2003, p. 18) or Smith and Brown (2003, p. 18) report that... In the reference page you should write Smith, K.T. & Brown, W.G. (2003)
  10. If the source has three, four, or five authors you should use the last names of the author in the first citation and only the first author's last name followed by 'et al.' in the following citations. The example of the first in-text citation: (Smith, Anderson & Brown, 1998, p. 83). Later in-text citations for the same source: (Smith et al., 1998, p. 83). Or Smith et al. (1998, p. 83) thinks that...

Academic essay writing requires obligatory use of all above features.  If you have an essay due and have not started writing yet, you are welcome to request professional essay writing help .  We guarantee high quality and timely delivery!

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