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Religion Essay


Religion, as field of study, is a diverse and controversial discipline.  To be able to produce a good religion essay, you need to have, at least, basic understanding of religious dogmas, principles, as well as history.  Religion essay deals with diverse aspects related to God and Faith.  There are four large global religions:  Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  If you are not given a specific essay topic to cover in your religion essay, you have a huge choice of directions to take.  For example, you may write about the evolution of Buddhism: analyze whether or not it has changed throughout its long history, research main dogmas, etc. Alternatively, you may recall a situation in your life when religion has played an important role:  for example, your relative was ill and the whole family went to church to pray for his health.  Religion professors really enjoy reading personal stories and they will appreciate your openness.  There are two rules of essay writing:  conduct a research and be creative.

Religion Essay Writing Tips

Despite of the topic chosen for English essay writing devoted to religion, you need to follow the below rules:

  • Consider secondary sources (it is of primary importance to pay attention to convincing and reliable sources.  Religion is not a science and there is no right or wrong answer, however, if you make a statement, you need to find supporting evidence) 
  • Consider current publications (of you want to impress your tutor with quality of religion essay, try to find the most recent publications on the topic as well as locate the ancient articles, sayings of ancient religious leaders, etc)
  • Consider audience of your religion essay (do not think that your tutor is the audience of your essay, ask your mother/sister/brother to read what you have written and comment - if your essay is not interesting to them, you need to re-write it)
  • Use Footnotes or Endnotes (why should you use footnotes and endnotes?  Footnotes and endnotes should be used to provide additional information to the reader on the sources or your ideas)
  • Keep in mind that religious text and publications require special citation methods, you need to consult your tutor to ensure that you have a clear picture of all requirements
  • Always comment on quotations (if you quote the materials from a religious text, you need to support it with your thoughts, explain why the quote has been included)

Custom Assistance

If you want to write a good religion essay, you need to be objective.  It means you need to leave aside your own beliefs and focus on evidence, opinion of experts, and primary sources rather than your personal views.  Unlike English essay writing, religion essays are more formal and should be structured accordingly.  If you do not know how to start writing your religion essay, you are welcome to order assistance at  We guarantee 100% plagiarism free essay delivery and provide FREE plagiarism report.

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