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Reaction Essay Style


Reaction essay is what the name holds - your tutor wants to know your reaction to something (a book, for example).  Follow the below academic essay tips and your essay will impress your teacher:

  • Academic essay must be well-organized and present your ideas clearly
  • It should not exceed the length specified by the tutor and be written in specific format
  • You should not include citations, because reaction essay does not require any additional reading beyond the course materials
  • Use active voice and the first person. These rules are appropriate for reaction essay writing only (informal style)
  • Avoid complex sentences and vague words
  • Make sure each paragraph has its own idea. Each paragraph should have at least three full sentences
  • Proofread the final draft for grammar and style mistakes

Your tutor will pay attention not only to the context of reaction essay (college essay), but also to the strength of your line of argumentation.  You should learn how to express your ideas in written form.  It can be easy for you to express your ideas orally; however, it is not so easy to write down these ideas.  The originality or relevance of your ideas with respect to the reading material is the goal of major importance. Reaction essay writing should start with an introductory paragraph including clear thesis statement/the main idea; a body where you develop and detail your ideas by supporting arguments, and a brief concluding paragraph. The academic reaction essay shouldn't summarize the whole article or a book; it should contain enough information about the author and his work. The required readings will help you to make your ideas well-grounded and related to the material.

Do not include a summary of the reading material while writing reaction essay.  Do not describe too many ideas, focus on one or two. You may organize your reaction essay writing in different way. One of the ways is to compare the studied work to related material. Alternatively, writing an essay you may disagree with the ideas raised in the studied work.  In any case, do not forget to support your point of view with supporting evidence.

Academic Essay Help

If you do not know how to write an academic essay, at least try to avoid the following mistakes while writing an academic essay:

  • Misspellings, poor grammar, and typographical errors surely be avoided in college essays.
  • Avoid ideological topics while writing reaction essay. The students who get too much into specific political issues just might be thrusting these views on someone who disagrees.
  • Don't use humor in college essay writing
  • Don't copy someone else work.

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