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Pros and Cons Essay


Pros and Cons Essay is a work, which includes the negative and positive characteristics of the product or phenomenon. It uses for wide recognition of the situation form the various points of view.

Pros and Cons Essay: the Simple Method to Describe the Situation.

I think that every situation, especially in the world of art, could be considered from the various points of view. Anyway, the Albert Einstein’s theory of relatively is on my side. It means that every phenomenon, whether a politic, social, cultural, economical or psychological could be differently interpreted.

If we are going to explore the people’s attitude to some music release, for instance, we will find a lot of diverse opinions about it. And these opinions could be radically different.

Pros and Cons Essay: how to demonstrate the truth?

In other words, every person could compose the own opinion on the assumption of the good and bad sides of any phenomenon/happening/product. Sometimes it is easy to find the good and bad characteristic with a help of the pros and cons essay. What on earth is it? For instance, we consider the effect of the euthanasia, and in order to widely show this procedure we create the pros cons of euthanasia essay.

Pros Cons of Euthanasia Essay: Example

First, we describe the procedure in general, probably, add some historical facts and then get to the point. From that moment you describe all possible bad and good features of this phenomenon: the disadvantages and possible advantages of euthanasia. Show that the problem is urgent, and gradually describe each side of the question – what is good and what is bad?

But when you compose your pros and cons essay remember about the main thing: your task is not only to describe the negative and positive side of the phenomenon, but also back your words with strong arguments. It is very important that the people read your point of view on each characteristic.

Besides, it will increase the rating of your pros and cons essay and create the ground for long and productive discussion. For the simplicity, you also may summarize both the negative and positive sides in the table.

As a result, your pros and cons essay will fire the public and raise the discussion about the main question of your topic. I think it is a conception of any pros and cons essay – to give the food for thought. Sometimes, it helps to look at the situation from reverse angle, and sometimes it becomes a real, good revelation for someone.

The method of pros and cons essay is acceptable everywhere. You also could practice and train yourself – just describe the positive and negative side of some actual happening in nowadays.

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