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Persuasive Essay Writing


Persuasive essay writing is about proving your point of view, or the point of view specified by your tutor.  Sometimes, you may have to choose argumentative persuasive essay topics by yourself, but in most cases, picking a topic for persuasive essay is tutor's prerogative.  There are wealth of persuasive essay topics, but despite of your point of view on the issue, your objective is to change the reader's opinion.  If you do not how to write persuasive essay, you will find the below information very useful and I hope this short overview will improve your understanding of persuasive essay writing process. 

First, you need to have a clear vision of persuasive essay objective - the purpose of writing.  Write down a thesis statement, it will set the foundation for research.  Next, create a rough outline or the list of ideas and decide on the arrangement.  If you do not know where to find topics for a persuasive essay speech, for example, you may either ask your tutor for assistance or look through your textbook.  In any case, the chosen topic should be narrow enough to gain the attention of the reader and wide enough to collect sufficient supportive information.  While writing a persuasive custom essay follow five easy rules:

Persuasive Essay Writing Rules:

  • Brainstorm (write down all of your thoughts on the topic and make sure you have a clear position on the issue)
  • Read (conduct a thorough research and devote a couple of days to reading collected information, pay special attention to rebuttals and responses)
  • Investigate (talks to the people around you about the topic, they may help you to generate interesting ideas for your persuasive essay)
  • Think (think about persuasive essay writing style, you have to avoid insulting your reader, strive to persuade the reader in reasoning tone and through logical arguments) 
  • Organize (persuasive essay should be concise and clear, it is very important to provide specific examples and supporting facts) 

Persuasive Essay Writing: Tips

While writing a persuasive essay, make sure you avoid overgeneralizations and stereotyping.  Your persuasive essay must not contain such words as 'all', 'every', 'I think', 'I believe', etc.  If the first two words are weak and the reader will definitely find at least one opposing argument, the usage of 'I' and 'think' do not add any value to argument.  Persuasive essay can be based on your own point of view; however, your arguments have to be based on factual information.  The most common overgeneralizations are based on age (all old people do not understand fashion), gender (females are physically weaker than men are), religion (all Muslims hate Americans), economic status (rich people do not understand poverty), etc.

If you have interesting and useful information on persuasive essay writing which can help students in preparation of their persuasive essay, you are welcome to share this information here.  If you are looking for assistance with persuasive essay writing, you are welcome to order custom essay writing service at

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