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Persuasive Essay Style


Persuasive essay writing is about writing a paper to prove a point of view and to change the opinion of the reader.  It can be a difficult task to change someone's opinion, however, it is your purpose. While writing an essay, you have to think clearly about the topic, plan writing process, and provide strong evidence and examples. There may be several different ways for choosing persuasive essay topic. Your teacher may give you a prompt or a choice of several topics. Alternatively, you may have an opportunity to make your own topic choice. If you have some choice in topic selection, you should select the one which is of interest to you.

Persuasive Essay Topics

A method of brainstorming is the best technique for choosing persuasive essay topic. Write down all of your thoughts about the topic. Make sure that you have enough information to support argumentative points. You can ask yourself some questions: do you agree or disagree? Why?  Learn as much as you can about the topic. Read biographical information about the author, if you are writing about a book. Read criticism (essays, summaries, etc.) You will find lots of critical and biographical material online and in your library. It may seem obvious, but you really have to think about how you are going to persuade your audience. Don't offend your readers! Use calm and reasoning tone, rely on logic. Don't rely on emotions. Inform your reader why, despite the other side of the argument, your viewpoint is the "right," most logical one. Prior to writing an essay, makes sure that your points are well-organized, and that all of your supporting arguments are understandable for the reader. It is very important not to forget about examples which can illustrate your main points. Don't give your reader an impression that you are not educated on the issues related to your topic. Choose your words carefully!

Academic Essay Writing

Good structure and logical organization are integral components of an effective persuasive essay writing. Introductory paragraph introduces the argument of your English essay and gives appropriate background information about the paper's topic. You may include a brief summary of the ideas to be discussed in the body of paper. The body of academic essay should be a logical development of your ideas. Each body paragraph must present a single idea. Each body paragraph should be a step of your argumentation. A basic purpose of your English essay concluding paragraph is to restate the essay's argument.

Research Paper Writing Service

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