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Persuasive Essay on Dress Code


If you are such a student, who hate dress code in the studying process and consider it to kill the personality of the person and not to give a chance to express yourself, and you have received a task to write a persuasive essay, but you can not put two ends together and choose the topic for it, think of writing persuasive essay on dress code. If you really care this problem, you are going to write a great piece of academic writing.

Persuasive Essay on Dress Code: Persuading Readers

Thus, if a person has an emotional attitude to the topic of the persuasive essay he or she writes, he/she is really able to write an excellent essay. If you do not consider dress code to be a thing which diciplines students, but a thing, which prevents them from trying to express their individuality, claim for your rights in your persuasive essay on dress code.

Speak about how it is humiliating to be made to get changed after you have come to school in, for example, your favorite skirt and blouse, especially, if there is nothing improper in it. Try to persuade teachers’ staff that there is nothing wrong in wearing the clothing you would like to. Of course, no one speaks about some indecent behavior and provoking appearance, however, to wear clothing which suits, this is an absolutely normal thing. Write this idea in your persuasive essay on dress code and maybe you are going to be that one to make a revolution of dress code in the higher educational establishments.

As they say, from the color of clothing too many things depend. For example, if the person has a red tint of face and he or she is made to wear red uniform because of the dress code in the college, this uniform will make nothing good to him or her, except he or she will be bullied and called a tomato. Is bullying a proper thing in the college? Then why a lot of colleges fight against bullying and make different Free Bullying Days if they are those ones to encourage the process of bullying by their own? Mention this very idea in your persuasive essay on dress code and a great number of readers will agree with you.

Do not be afraid to write your real thoughts in your persuasive essay on dress code, until it does not offend anyone, there is nothing to be afraid about presenting your own thoughts at the subject. Good luck with your persuasive essay on dress code writing.

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