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Persuade Essay


Persuade essay writing has one aim: to convince the readers to accept your point of view or opinion on the issue. In overall, a good persuade essay should do three things: to present your position on the debatable topic; to anticipate possible alternative views with logical and reliable arguments; and to convince the readers to adapt your point of view. Let’s take a look at each of these elements.

Persuade Essay Introduction

  • In the opening section of your persuade essay you should explain the debate or to presence the essence of the controversy. The introductory paragraph is rather short and a couple of sentences should be enough.
  • Next, you should include your position on the issue and show why it is important.
  • Introduction should also summarize the key points of both sides of the argument; nevertheless, it should be clear which side is yours.

Persuade Essay Assertion

At this point, you need to present the thesis statement which is clear and logical. For example, you may state that both arguments against death penalty are effective but arguments against are more convincing. Keep in mind that you do not need to provide the defense for your opinion at this section, it will be done in the next section of persuade essay.

Persuade Essay Concession and Rebuttal

Of course, if the topic is debatable, rights of gay families for adoption for example, there are two possible arguments for and against it. Therefore, your task is to cover both sides of the debate.

  • Write about the other views which differ from your own. Otherwise, your writing will be arrogant and dishonest
  • Do not exaggerate the opponent’s view points. You should be objective in your persuade essay writing.
  • Avoid defending the opposing view point. Your task is to state the opposite opinion, no more no less.

Persuade Essay Proof

This section of a persuade essay is the longest. You should present the evidence for your assertion either through inductive or deductive reasons. You should pay attention to the following:

  • Facts and statistics, examples and instances, observations and case studies
  • Arrangement of the arguments from the least important to the most importance (or in the opposite direction)
  • Logic and reason of your line of persuasion; objective reasoning only!

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