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Paragraph Coherence


What constitutes effective essay writing? Of course, it is a difficult question to answer. A review of many English college essays indicates that most essay writers have poor understand of good essay paragraphs.

Consider the following qualities of good essay writing:

  • Completeness and essay paragraph coherence.
  • Conciseness and concreteness.
  • Clarity and consideration.
  • Mechanics and organization of the essay paragraphs.

There are two common conventions of essay paragraph writing form. The first convention is based on the initial topicalization. It requires the first sentence of the paragraph to state the topic. The second convention, coherence, requires each subsequent sentence to be connected with ideas presented in the paragraph. The practice shows that paragraphs that violate the topicalization and coherence conventions produce longer reading times as well as poorer recall, and distortion of apparent topic. The results prove that poor essay paragraph coherence affects how the reader understands an essay.

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Essay writing must be well organized, easy to follow, and easy to read. While writing an essay, choose the tone which is entirely appropriate to the task and the audience. Essay writing must have variation in sentence length and paragraph structure. College English essay writing must be free of spelling, punctuation, sentence/paragraph errors. The paragraphs that are structurally organized facilitate to perceive information.

A paragraph is a group of sentences related to a main idea. Usually the main idea is explicit and stated as a sentence. Occasionally, the main idea is implicit and is not stated as a sentence. The reader has to infer the main idea from the information given in the sentences throughout the paragraph. Five types of paragraph structure can be identified according to location of the main idea. For example, writing the following paragraph: 'John wanted a raise in salary. So he went to see his boss. He told his boss he had no a raise for years. During that time the company had high profits. His wife was going to have a sixth child.' The main idea, stated in the first sentence, can be shifted to the end of the paragraph. Start the paragraph then with the sentence, "John went to see his boss." Keep the rest of the paragraph sentences in order and end with the first sentence. Notice that some sentences in the process of writing will be changed. 'John went to see his boss. He told him he had no raise for years. During that time the company had high profits. His wife was going to have a baby. John wanted a raise in salary.' Services

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