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Paper Part Research


Why do students get low points for their research papers? “Rather odd question!” you may say. But if you think over this question, it will stop embarrassing you. Often students fail to write their assignment papers because they do not pay attention to the task given. So, let’s try to make the issue clear!

Paper Part Research: Stages of Paper Research

It should be stressed that you should not consider paper research as making an experiment or some conclusions that will be highlighted in a certain part of a research paper. The paper research is rather complex process, indeed. Your work should consist of several stages and you should pay special attention to each of them. How should you make such paper part research?

Paper Part Research: Writing Steps

Actually, you paper research begins with getting or choosing (in the case you are not limited by your tutor) of a topic for your research paper. So, let’s get down to research!

  1. Studying information. Gathering of necessary information may seem to be dull but it is a very important process. It is the beginning of your paper writing. You create the basis of your paper. So, you should make a great deal of work. Study the works of scientists who dealt with investigating of the topic. Point out what exactly you may use in your work, what information you may rely on, what may be the basis of your study.
  2. Thinking over a thesis statement. Before writing a research paper you should formulate a thesis statement that will make the sphere of your research narrower by putting it into certain frameworks. You should think over an aspect you would like to focus your research on. Pay attention to the following criteria:
  3. this aspect is not studied completely;
  4. it is actual at the moment;
  5. the results of your investigation will have some practical application;
  6. it is interesting for you and your audience.
  7. Making an outline. Another important part of your research is making an outline. You should make a plan of your research paper stating the main points of your study that you are going to highlight in this paper. Such an outline will help you organize your ideas logically.
  8. Writing a research paper. It is the writing process that completes the paper part research. It is very important in what way you present your work. You should put your study and its results in the written form properly. So, when writing your paper you should pay attention to the writing format, avoid any mistakes in spelling, grammar or punctuation and organize your work logically.

Thus, when writing a research paper, you have to make the complex paper part research. The quality of your paper will depend on how you make this research.

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