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Outline for Research Paper


Despite of the topic you have chosen, despite of your personal knowledge on the issue, and despite of the gathered information, you are strongly encouraged to write an outline.  If you are writing research paper on video games violence or animal cruelty research paper, outline will help you to structure your paper coherently and present the ideas logically.  Below you find information on how to a student research paper, how to select good English research paper topics, and read some valuable tips. 

While writing the research paper rough draft, you are welcome to write all of the ideas you have even though you might think at first that these ideas are not very good or strong enough.  Research paper will be rewritten several times until you are completely satisfied with the final draft. For example, research paper on video violence may need only two drafts:  first and final.  While the animal cruelty research paper may need more revisions.

Outline for Research Paper Writing

First, you need to generate the list of ideas or associations you have on the topic.  Second, you need to cluster your ideas and arranged them.  Third step of research paper writing is deciding on the research paper structure.  Even if there is no need for formal research paper outline, having an outline will help you to create a better research paper.  Next step of research paper outline writing is developing the thesis statement and outlining the research objectives.

Outline for Research Paper: Sample

  1. Introduction
    1. Thesis statement
    2. Objectives
  2. Body
    1. Supporting claim one
    2. Supporting claim two
    3. Supporting claim three
  3. Conclusion

If the research paper is of study type, outline for research paper should have the following structure:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. methodology
  4. results
  5. discussion
  6. conclusions
  7. recommendation

Once this standard list is written down, decide on approximate number of pages to be devoted to each section.  It will help you to avoid writing too short or too long research paper.

Outline for Research Paper: Tips

  • Do not start writing a research paper with introduction - it should be written last.  Write down the thesis statement and research objectives first.
  • Start each section on the separate page - it will give you format flexibility and provide extra space for revisions and editing
  • Once the research paper rough draft is completed, leave it aside for a couple of hours or days and then read it again, you may notice some mistakes or add new ideas
  • Do not be afraid if the course of research paper writing you realize that your thesis statement is completely wrong - you are always able to change the thesis statement without rewriting the whole research paper 

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