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Music Essay


Do not know how to write a music essay?  Want to learn more about English essay writing?  In such a case, you will find this short essay writing guide useful.

Analyzing music is not as easy as it might seem from the first glance.  It is not easy to write a good music essay because music, first of all, is a matter of taste and preference, while you should write a music essay which is appealing to all readers and talks to their feelings.  Simple description of  what you hear is not enough for the music analysis. You should describe as well as interpret music and support this interpretation with some facts and evidence, theories and criticism.

Music Essay Types

All music essays fall into two categories:  reviews and research papers (argument essay writing).  Reviews are usually short and require only 2-3 pages.  While writing a music review essay, you need to talk about the form of the music. Research papers are longer (8-15 pages in length) and they are more formal and require in-depth research.  You cannot write a good research paper based on your opinion only, because you may not be an expert in the chosen field of writing.  Music essay writing starts with the development of a thesis - read it aloud and analyze whether it well-written and sets the question.  Sketching the ideas of yours on a piece of paper is a very helpful thing to do as it gives you a possibility to explore visually the connections between your thoughts.

Music Essay Introduction and Conclusion

Introduction and conclusion are the most difficult parts of English essay writing.  Both of these parts should attract the reader's attention and give him something to consider.  Taking into account that you want to involve the reader into further reading, you should pay attention to the tone of your introduction sentence - it should inform and intrigue.  Conclusion is not easy to write because you need to convince the reader of your music essay that all you have written true and is not based purely on your opinion.  Some students conclude their essay by simple summary of what they have already written but it is not enough for essay writing, if you want to produce a persuasive and argumentative paper.

Follow the below tips and learn how to write music essay conclusion correctly

  • return to the ongoing conversation and pay attention to your own contribution to it;
  • reconsider the background information;
  • return to the key terms;
  • use an anecdote or quotation to reflect your main idea and to summarize;
  • a very important thing to remember: your final sentences should stay in mind of the person reading the essay, therefore, you should ask a rhetorical question or give the reader something to consider. Make your language ring!

Finally, one more thing for you to know: avoid comments beginning with 'I' as it expresses just your own opinion and you should be objective; passive voice and impersonal constructions are more preferable to apply; complex sentences and inversions are also welcomed.

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