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Media Dissertation


Various debatable and controversial topics can be described in the media dissertation. Obviously, in your dissertation you pay main attention to the world of mass-media with its fashion, cinematography, music, PR-technologies and so on.

Media Dissertation: The World of Science

The process of media dissertation writing is a quite attractive and interesting job when you make all your best and concentrate on the work. In the beginning it seems quite difficult or even impracticable, when you select the research questions for your media dissertation. Media dissertation embraces such fruitful and prevailing areas of study as television, internet communities and social networks, culture and fashion, journalism, music and cinematography and so on. So, first, you concentrate on the single study area that corresponds to your interest. Then you start your media dissertation writing process.

Media Dissertation: How to Write

When you are engaged in media dissertation writing process remember about its basic structure. Formally, the dissertation structure includes the following components:

  • Main Page with Title;
  • Acknowledgment - words of thanking to people who helped you in your media dissertation writing;
  • Abstract - short briefing about your media dissertation’s ideas. In practice you write from 120 to 150 words by standard. The abstract should reflect background of the topic, goals of the study, researching methods and work results;
  • Outline – media dissertation plan, where all the chapters and sub-sections are listed. Outline includes page numbering also;
  • Introduction part – here the writer explain the importance of his work, research’s issue and concern, and other common information about the research. In the end of introduction you put a clear hypothesis;
  • Methodology – there is an explanation about how study’s research will be experienced in practice. It is important to describe the methods you are going to use in your media dissertation. Do not forget to explain their importance and relevance;
  • Outcomes – here you provide the gained results and the assessments of the informational data. It may be some statistics or social surveys. However, this part of media dissertation does not reflect  the writer’s view or opinion;
  • Discussion part – estimate and describe the facts you got from research on the basis of used literature and informational sources;
  • Recommendations – Description of possible perspectives and prospect for the future;
  • Bibliography and reference list – here you post each used information source;
  • Appendices – tables, images, graphs, statistics, interviews, surveys, that successfully impact on your research.

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