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MBA Admission Essay


The first thing to keep in mind is a prerequisite to follow all requirements!  If you are told to produce a personal statement with less than 500 words, do not submit an essay with 1000 words!  If you are asked to answer the question about the challenge in your life, do not write why you admire Batman!  Always stay focused, think about the question from the side of admission officers.  What do they want?  Your grandmother can be a very interesting person to write about, however, YOU are the applicant, not your grandmother.

MBA admission essay sample questions:  what was your greatest failure/success, why do you want to pursue MBA program, what are you career plans and how MBA program will contribute to your life, etc.  Stay focused on these questions, write what you are? asked to write.  Creativity is encouraged in the limits of personal statement topic only. 

MBA Admission Essay: Steps

  • Do not wait until the last day to write a personal statement.  Statements written in rush are always of poor quality.  You do not want to be a loser, do you?
  • Plan the writing process.  You should have at least 5 days devoted to admission essay writing, proofreading, and editing.  Read your paper several times during these days, ask your parents, friends, and tutors to read your college admission essay, they can give you good advices on how to improve your writing.
  • Brainstorm the topic.  Think about the question, write down all of your ideas, select those which suit you and admission officers the most.  You should enjoy the writing process and like the final result.  If you read your own admission essay and you are not impressed, you should re-write it. 
  • Outline creation.  Creating outline is advisable for all types of essays because it is the best method to structure your paper.  Outline empowers you to play with paragraphs and ideas, you can always change the structure.  If your first and final drafts do not differ, you have failed to write a good MBA admission essay.  Why?  Because there is no improvement.
  • Learn about the school.  Always research the school you are applying to.  You need to possess deep knowledge of its history, founders, image, courses, and even staff.  It is strongly advisable to know the names of professors in your chosen field of study.  This information can be found on official websites of every school and spending an hour researching will benefit you greatly. 

MBA Admission Essay Help offers assistance with all types of admission essay writing.  Experienced writer will ensure that essay is impressive, professionally written, and interesting to read.  Do not risk with your academic success, secure your application with our help!  Revisions are free and we guarantee working on your personal essay until you get a perfect paper!

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