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Marketing Essay Writing


There is a quote that says, “Business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. Only you know what you are doing.” A good marketing essay should point out that the proper marketing of a product ensures its awareness so that consumers can get to know about it.

Marketing also motivates the buyer through the projection of its main USP-(unique selling proposition)-to highlight its advantages and thus motivates the consumer to use that product. A good marketing essay should therefore focus on marketing aspects that can be zeroed in on for that particular product.

A marketing essay should clearly spell out the benefits, the target audience as well as the preferences of potential customers by referring to customer research. It is only after taking all these in to consideration that you will be able to come up with a good marketing essay.

Marketing essay: tactics

To properly position the product it is always a good idea to apply the theories of marketing experts like Philip Kotler and Michael Porter and to glean some marketing tactics. At the same time do ensure that you do not use too many sources. You would rather stick to a few credible sources like Yale or Harvard instead of quoting from run of the mill sources like the US Weekly or mediocre internet sites. As a broad rule of thumb, up to ten sources should work well for a marketing essay.

Another thing to keep in mind while writing a marketing essay you should first begin with the thesis and then spend the rest of the essay validating it by applying it to business scenarios in the real world.  Your business essay can then examine some case studies to support the thesis. User case studies of marketing strategies that are used by:

  1. Local family owned businesses
  2. Multi-nationals like Pepsi or Woolworth.

Essay introductions are important

A good marketing essay should start with a strong introduction that logically formulates the arguments in steps.  Once the introduction points you in the right direction it is really very easy not to loose your way.

The next few paragraphs must logically follow from the introduction-by elaborating on a single point per paragraph. That means that you should not try to crowd and confuse the matter with too many points. Finally always end your marketing essay with a strong conclusion that wraps up the argument and validates or reaffirms your thesis statement.

Follow these simple guidelines and you are bound to come up with a marketing essay that will make others stand up and take notice.

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