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Marketing Essay


As a marketing student, you have to write essays on marketing on a regular basis.  While writing essay on marketing, you should apply marketing theory to real life marketing perspectives.  For example, marketing essay writing can be devoted to specific companies.  Alternatively, you may conduct a research on profit and non-profit organizations, international and national, small and large business unites.  Despite of the topic, you need to provide an in-depth analysis of their marketing strategies, products, advertising, promotion campaigns, etc.

Marketing Essay Topics

For example, your marketing essay topic is advertising campaign of Procter & Gamble in China.  What do you need to write in such a paper?  First, you, as a marketing student, should have a clear understanding of marketing role in general and in the given context in particular.  Definitely, you will find a lot of information on marketing, on Procter & Gamble, on China, and other topics relevant to your research.  However, you will not find exact information covering all of the three elements of your topic.  Therefore, your primary responsibility is to collect as much information as you can, and analyze it in your marketing essay.

How to Write a Good Marketing Essay

If you want to impress your tutor with the high quality of your marketing essay, you need to make sure that the following elements are included:  understanding of marketing principles, evidence of thorough research, good analysis, and clear presentation.  You should always stay focused on your topic, do not include information which is not relevant to your assignments.  For example, marketing essay on advertising campaign of Procter & Gamble in China should not include information on history of China.  You cannot avoid using secondary information because you are not an expert in this field of study.  Therefore, you need to ensure proper referencing of all used materials.  Marketing essay should contain a bibliography (at the end of your writing) and in-text citations (in the body of your writing).

English Essay Writing

English essay writing is creative writing.  You need to consult secondary publications, as well as present your own ideas, thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs.  Marketing essay is analytical essay writing, you need to focus on research, analysis, interpretation, and be able to draw clear conclusions from information you read.  Be very attentive to reference all sources, otherwise, you will have to face accusations in plagiarism (usage of works of others without giving proper credit to them).  Tutor expects to read an original marketing essay, written from scratch, and containing your own reasoning.

Custom Assistance

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