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Marketing Dissertation


The marketing dissertation which you are assigned is supposed to reflect your understanding of the main marketing concepts and your abilities to analyze the information on the subject. You have a chance to demonstrate your analytical skills, your ability to synthesize information. What more, it is an opportunity for you to develop a project that you particularly are interested in.

Writing a Marketing Dissertation

When you work on your marketing dissertation, remember that your main task is not just to get the right information, but to answer the core question of your dissertation, presenting your evidence according to a definite structure and keeping to the required format. Your dissertation should not only be interesting, but also easily navigable for the reader. That is why you should understand its components.

Though some slight differences can be found in a dissertation structure of different institutions, the main components of a marketing dissertation are the following:

  • Abstract, a short summary of your dissertation. It is written to persuade the reader to read the dissertation further.
  • Introduction iswritten to introduce your reader to the dissertation subject, to inform your reader about the core question, justify your selection of the topic.
  • Literature Review is a report about the existing knowledge and theories, dealing with your subject, demonstrate their strong and weak points. 
  • Research Methodology shows the methods of your research, they can be either qualitative or quantitative.
  • Ethical Issues of your marketing dissertation define the confidentiality issues, i.e. methods of your survey, intention of your study. This part of your dissertation should show to the responders of your research the usage of data they are giving.  
  • Research Findings and Implications is one of the biggest parts of your marketing dissertation, as it will contain the analysis and evaluation of the results of your research. It should also include a clear explanation of their importance.
  • Conclusion is devised to summarize your research; you should demonstrate that the goals of your research have been achieved.
  • Bibliography is a systematic list of all the books, journals etc., used in your research. While writing the bibliography, remember to follow the citation style of your university.
  • Appendices contain graphs and tables, interviews and observations, statistics etc.

Remember to show the drafts of your dissertation to your tutor, he will correct your mistakes, if any, and give you advice when you need it.

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