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Management Essay


Management essay writing is usually based on case studies and your objective is to find supporting theories and evidence and come up with the recommendation or solution to the problems described in the case.  You should preserve the following management essay format:  introduction stating the purpose of writing, body including the overview of the case, analysis of the problems, and detailed solutions, and conclusion with the implementation recommendation.

Thus, while reading the case study, write down all of the problems you can identify.  Also include the decision makers and factors affecting the problems (causes).  Usually, you will not be able to find an immediate solution to the problems you find.  Therefore, you need to take your textbook and select the relevant theories.  Management essay writing can be done using one of the following approaches: analytical and problem oriented.  If you are writing an essay on management using analytical approach, you do not need to develop solutions but rather investigate why the problems occurred.  If you choose problem-oriented approach, you need to provide an in-depth analysis of the problems and evaluate possible solutions.

Management Essay Writing Tips

If you fail to identify theories related to the problems in the case study, you are at risk of producing poor essay.  You are encouraged to locate different articles on the topic and provide numerous supporting examples.  Be very attentive to reference all of the sources using in-text citations and bibliography list.  Consult your tutor to find out all peculiarities of referencing style.  Some of the teachers prefer footnotes, other endnotes, while third are looking for parenthetic quotations.

Pay attention to essay writing structure:  be logical while expressing your ideas and ensure logical flow of ideas.  For example, if you talking about Problem 1, do not start the next paragraph with the solution to Problem 2.  Avoid being descriptive:  you task is not to describe, but to research, analyze and evaluate.  Management essays of higher academic standard should following the below format:

  • Cover page (with your name and full title of essay)
  • Outline (detailed table of contents)
  • Executive Summary (overview of the case and main points to be discussed)
  • Problem Analysis (identify all problems in the case study and get the causes)
  • Identify one central problem (the one which impacts the whole organization)
  • Solutions (evaluate all possible solutions)
  • Recommendation (state which solution is the most effective in solving the problems)
  • Implementation (provide advice on how to implement your solution)

Custom Assistance with Management Essay Writing

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