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Literary Response Essay


It is rather difficult to write literary response essay as it is not very simple to get the right proportion of your own, so to say response to the literary response essay, and the response of the critics. One of the most difficult steps to walk in writing any literary response essay is to succeed in creating this very balance.

Literary Response Essay: Writing Your Essay On Time!

If to compare literary response essay writing and, for example movie response essay, it should be stressed that literary response essay is more critical assignment, as there you have to concentrate on the existing interpretations of and approaches to the literary passage you are dealing with in your literary response essay writing.

Each literary response essay should be opened with the clear and laconic sentence, which explains to the readers what they are going to read about in this very literary response essay. It is necessary to mention the title of the book and to name the author who wrote it. This is one of the existing requirements from literary response essay writing. It is also necessary to write about some definite peculiarities of the book such as general emotional tune, genre, and prehistory of writing. Social and historical backgrounds are those to be included into literary response essay writing, as well.

Literary Response Essay Writing Essentials

As you are concerned, each introductory part of any literary response essay should possess a thesis, which makes it clear which one of the aspects of the book is going to be criticized in your literary response essay and why. You can choose any aspect in your literary response essay, to start with the style of the book, to proceed with the epoch when the book was written or the epoch, which is book devoted to, and to conclude with criticizing some character or image of the book under consideration. You see, you have so many options to choose from.

It is essential each paragraph to consist some particular supporting idea to the main thesis of the literary response essay. As a rule, there should be three separate paragraphs, which contain supporting ideas to your literary response essay writing. However, if you feel that it is not enough for you, write as many paragraphs as you want to. However, remember that the length of your literary response essay does not have anything in common with the grade you are going to receive.

Final Tip to Keep in Mind While Writing Literary Essay

Remember that literary response essay is not one and the same thing with literary theory essay. While you are writing your literary response essay, do not forget to insert your own ideas at the subject of the book interpretation.     

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