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Law School Admission Essay


Admission essay (personal statement) can be well-written or poorly-written.  Whether your admission essay makes a positive impression or not depends on the your ability to write.  First, you need to determine what to write about, then decide how to write about it, and, finally, write what you want to say to a reader.  Keep in mind that the requirements for admission essay writing differ and you cannot use the same personal statement while applying to law school and business school.

Law School Admission Essay Writing

Recent years are marked with the change in law school admission essay writing.  One of the causes is that more females and minority representatives are applying to law schools.  If you want to be accepted, it is not enough to have an exceptional academic profile, you must have intelligent and argumentative essay.  Your admission essay has to provide the answer to the question why do you want to become a lawyer.  Do not write that the reasons are income and prestige; write something that will demonstrate your understanding of legal profession importance.

Law School Admission Essay: How to Write

The effective law school admission essay has to contain the following elements: 

  • Professional experience (write about your summer legal job, internships, or other experience relevant to law school application)
  • Community work (show some kind of social involvement, demonstrate your strong ethics, responsibility, provide leadership examples)
  • Academic interests (emphasize the studies your pursued, make sure to include only relevant to your application information.  For example, you may write that the sociology course has increased your interest in family law)
  • Extracurricular participation (it has to be about you, your personality and interest.  Write about the things which make you different from other applicants, show that you are an interesting candidate) 

Law School Admission Essay: Tips

While writing law school admission essay, think about the reasons why you seek a law degree.  The law school officers want to know that you are confident in your choice and you know how to achieve your career plans. Your writing should contain short section describing what contribution you plan to bring to law school community.  In addition, specify why you have chosen the particular law school.  All of the statements you make have to be clear, specific, and detailed.

Law School Admission Essay Writing Guide

You are free to discuss any topic in your personal essay, however, keep in mind that you have to show the reasons why you want to become a lawyer, for example, and prove your ability to achieve this goal.  Important, all information you provide in your admission essay has to be real.  It is not a narrative paper, you cannot make up events or write about the experiences you did not have.

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