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In-Text Citations


While writing any type of academic assignment (global warming summary term paper, term paper on Michael Jackson, economics term paper topics), you cannot avoid using secondary resources such as journal articles, newspapers, books, and internet resources.  APA style term paper is the most common format required by high school and college tutors.  The below article is an overview of APA term paper in-text citation requirements.

If you need to follow APA format to reference sources used for term paper completion, you need to use the following citation format:  author-date; you do not have to mention the page numbers.  Thus, if you cite article, you need to include the last name of the author and year of publication.  For example, (Johnson, 2001).  However, be attentive to include full reference at the end of your term paper.  According to APA style, the aim of in-text citation is to give reference to the book or article you did not quote directly.

In-Text Citations: APA

  • Nouns, names and initials have to be capitalized
  • Title of the source should be capitalized (all words longer than four letters)
  • The first word after a dash should be capitalized
  • Title of the source should be italicized or underlined
  • Journal articles (short titles) should be put in quotation marks

In-Text Citations: Tips

Remember, you have to include the page number if you are quoting directly from the source.  Follow this pattern:  Author, Year, Page.  For example, (Nicolson, 2003, p. 22).  Long quotations (longer than 40 words) should be put into blocks without quotation marks.  If the source you are citing was written by more than one author, follow the following APA term paper in-text citation format:  Author and Author, Year.  For example, (Nicolson and Pelfrey, 2005).  The sign & can be used instead of 'and'.  What if you used the source to write a term paper which has no author?  In this case, you need to mention the title of the work and year of publication.  For example, ('Television,' 2006).  Sometimes you will encounter sources without date of publication (internet publications, for example).  If you need to cite source without date in your APA style term paper, use abbreviation n.d. (no date).  For example, ('Television,' n.d.).  If you are quoting information and there is no page number, you need to provide the paragraph number.  For example, (Hoppin, 2004, para. 5).

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