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Ideas for a Reflective Essay


The choice of a topic is the most difficult part of reflective essay writing.  Why?  Because it is always easier to write an essay when the specific topic is given.  Taking into account that reflective essay English is informal essay, you need to create a reflective essay outline (introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion).  References are optional:  you can either consult secondary sources or create paper based on your personal experience.

Ideas for a Reflective Essay Writing

As it was already noted in above paragraph, it is not easy to write a reflective essay when you are not given a specific topic.  The below list of ideas will help you to decide which aspect(s) of your experience to cover.

  • Think about the courses you have taken and explore how they contributed to your academic advancement
  • Discuss ideas raised during the semester, can the knowledge you acquired be practically applied?
  • Write what does it mean to be a student in liberal arts, humanities, etc
  • Analyze your co-curricular activities and their relation to your out of class life
  • Think about your maturity, growth, and development based on the experiences (traveling, leisure, cross-cultural experience, visits to cultural places, etc)
  • Point out to a specific issue which troubles you or is important in your eyes (talk about poverty, abortions, smoking, etc)
  • Discuss a public figure (politician, or social activist whom you admire or dislike, provide supporting examples to explain your position)
  • Examine the relationship between your career plans and course you have taken
  • Analyze how education contributes to your emotional maturity growth (focus on interactions with students and tutors, for example)
  • Think about the most challenging situation and explain how it has influenced you as a person, what you have learned out of it

There are numerous directions to take while writing a reflective essay.  What you need to remember is that originality is always encouraged.  It means that you have to produce interesting original piece of writing which stands out from thousands of other essays.  Therefore, research your own experience, recall interesting moments, and focus on unique events.  Be yourself and do not try to perfect your own experience or exaggerate maturity.

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