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How to Write Five Paragraph Analytical Essay


An analytical essay on a text asks you to consider the validity of a particular point of view. In addition, an analytical essay requires you to explain how a feature of the text (e.g. an image or a theme) is developed throughout the book, for example. If you do not know how to write in proper five paragraph essay format, you should consider the following issues:

define the key terms of the topic

decide how these key terms do or do not apply in an analytical topic

establish criteria (e.g in a question about dishonesty, what forms does dishonesty take - is it more than just telling lies?)

decide on a contention

find appropriate examples (evidence) from the text to support your case

check that you have covered all aspects of the topic

decide on the best order for your arguments

Five Paragraph Analytical Essay Format

Analytical essay introduction is the paragraph in which you make clear your understanding of the question you are discussing. It can be useful to rephrase the topic in your own words, and clarify the criteria with which you plan to judge the topic. Introduction should contain the following elements: 1) acknowledge the title and author of the text, 2) integrate a definition / clarification of the key terms, unless they are self-explanatory; 3) outline your overall contention / response to or overview of the topic as a whole.

Keep analytical essay responses in the present tense. The text will not change, no matter how many times you read it, so it will always be the same text, in which the same characters say the same words each time. Try to give each paragraph a topic sentence, clearly linked to the topic / question, backed up by at least one example. Topic sentences should be concept based, where possible. If the next paragraph is simply giving another example of the same topic sentence, a linking word or phrase can replace the topic sentence.  When quoting, make sure you do not simply quote, then paraphrase / summarize / explain the quotation. There is no value in this. Use a quotation to illustrate an analytical rather than narrative point, making clear who made the statement and why, when, and in what context. Make sure you make clear how your quotation relates to your argument.

In the conclusion, try not to rehash what you have already stated. In the short essays you write at this point, there is no value. Round off by bringing your argument to a climactic conclusion, giving the reader something to contemplate. Make sure you connect with the topic. If you need professional essay writing services, do not hesitate to order custom essay help at our site and get your assignment written by professional writers online!

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